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At the beginning in 2009, Blackview Farm embraced the “leaving it better than we found it ” mentality. To achieve this aim, we have partnered WITH other farm families who share the same VISION. Together we believe that we are making the best food possible. We ask three questions: Does it taste good? Is it nutritious? Does it help the environment?

When you make a purchase from Blackview Farm, you aren’t just buying meat, you are supporting a small collection of farmers who all have the same vision: quality, taste, nutrition, and positive environmental impact. This is something that labels like “Local” or “organic” do not deliver.

On our farms, we use Rotational Grazing techniques and Holistic Management practices. Rotational Grazing consists of grazing a section of pasture for a short time. After it is lightly grazed, you move the cattle to a new pasture in order to let the previously grazed pasture rest, absorb nutrients and re-boot. Rotational grazing ensures the freshest grass, the highest concentration of nutrients (which we measure in Brix), and a clean environment for our animals and ourselves. Rotational grazing also encourages wildlife to flourish as it promotes at risk bird species, such as the Bobolink, to nest within the tall grasses. The land is a gift and we believe in leaving it better than when we found it.

We raise the following animals at Blackview and it’s partner farms: Beef and Dairy cows, Pigs, and Poultry. The species all work together like a team. By grazing, the cattle turn over nutrients, enrich the soil, and even sequester carbon. The birds “disinfect” the fields by eating the bugs and adding manure to the ground.

Aylesbury Ducks

Aylesbury Ducks

Pigs graze pastures in summer and forage on apples and nuts in the fall. It is very important to allow the pigs to express their “pigness” and manage them outdoors. It is a difference you can taste. Pork takes on “notes” from the food they eat – their diet literally translates into what you taste.

We invite everyone to taste and enjoy the produce themselves, hoping that you inherit a sense of the place where our animals are raised and cared for. Whether you’re a neighbour, a bustling restaurant or an online order buyer; we thank you for the support as we continue to work towards perfecting the art of farming as nature intended it to be.

Tamworth Pigs

Tamworth Pigs


Bill & Michelle Parke


“You, as a food buyer, have the distinct privilege of proactively participating in shaping the world your children will inherit.”

Joel Salatin, Holy Cows and Hog Heaven: The Food Buyer’s Guide to Farm Friendly Food