The Whole Cow 100

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The Whole Cow 100


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This is the beef package where you get the “Whole Cow”

Its a small package but broken down into the equivalent of purchasing a whole animal.

By breaking down the beef cuts in percentages, this package allows you to see what you need in order to use the whole animal. We choose the exact cuts (farmers choice) but we keep it within the three base categories: GROUND, SECONDARY cuts & PRIMARY cuts.

You get the wholesale value and the knowledge that you are doing your part to using the Whole Cow.

***The only things we have kept out are the offal and bones.

50% – ground beef  (7-8lbs)

35% – Secondary Steaks and Stewing cuts.  (Sirloin, blade, boneless rib, shanks, stewing) 3-4lbs

15% – Prime Steaks (Ribeye, Striploin, Tenderloin) 1- 1.5lbs

$10ea for 10 items using the WHOLE COW ratios




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